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“I walked into the studio mesmerized by what I saw. I couldn’t take my eyes off of the painting. I could already see it in my home. I had to have it.” This will be your feeling as you experience the art of Patricia King which runs the gamut from joy to pain, sorrow to ecstasy.

Our first purchase was “Out of the Fire” inspired by the Bastrop, Texas wildfires of 2011. You feel the angst of destruction, and then your eyes are caught by the fresh green blades of grass in their valiant struggle to renew the earth. A single painting by Ms. King becomes a multitude of works as our eyes are caught by a new detail with each viewing. We anticipate her next creation.

Betty & Rick Dryden, San Antonio, Texas –

Patricia King’s paintings were the final touch and centerpiece in our new home. They bring a warmth and pop of life to our space. They look absolutely amazing hanging on our wall and we couldn’t be more pleased. Thanks again for all the wonderul artwork!

Dania and Joe Gonzalez, Austin Texas –

We are collectors of PW King. We have watched her evolve and grow as an artist over the last several years. Her commitment to her art and the artistic process is no less than extraordinary. We are particularly drawn to her use of color, passion and self-expression in her work. We’re honored to be owners of several pieces and we continue to be big fans of her work!

Allison and Randy Field, Dallas Texas –